Samothrace Experience

Canyoning & Adventure Camp (Summer 2022)

Wild, inaccessible, Zathay (as Homer mentioned for Samothrace). An eerie beauty that fascinates from the first moment. The unique biodiversity and characteristics that make up the northernmost island of Greece, in combination with the rugged terrain create a place for diverse recreational opportunities, fun holidays, activities in exquisite nature, rich history and experiential forms of educational programs.

The members of Hellas Outdoor & Adventure Coaching team, with many years of experience in exploring the Mountains and the Canyons of Samothrace, have created a model Centre for Experiential training & Canyoning in the town of Therma, Samothrace. Our Centre is an ICOPRO Training Centre, certified by the largest International Professional Canyoning Organization in the world, ICOpro, with Chief Manager & Instructor (Instructor ICOPro ID: 130001B8) Stamatis Kousvelaris, a leader with extensive experience in Outdoor Activities and alternative training programs (Wilderness Education).

This program describes the activities and experiences that will take place during the period of 1/7/2022 to 10/9/2022 on Samothrace, the island of the great Gods, including daily training while getting immersed in the magical world of canyoning. 

The island of Samothrace due to it’s distinct mountain terrain, with Saos mountain at an altitude of 1.611 meters, at its peak named “Feggari” or Moon is literally a mountain in the middle of the sea. Due to its granite rocks, it forms on all sides large watersheds, which supply water all year round to the more than 10 gorges of the island and for this reason, the island of Samothrace is considered by many experts as the Paradise of Gorges and Canyoning. In addition, one can explore and participate in many other outdoor activities with a high degree of difficulty due to the massive mountainous terrain such as, Trekking, Alpine mountaineering, River Trekking, Rock Climbing, as well as all Marine and Underwater activities (sailing, fishing, diving, sea Kayak).

Proposed Daily Canyoning Trips

Gria Vathra Canyon (best seller)

Gria Vathra, the oldest gorge of the island and of course the «trademark» of Therma and the island of Samothrace. The gorge of ‘Gria’ has it all, legends, hiking, slides, magnificent views and many waterfalls up to 45 meters high. All this points to the fact that it is considered the most complete and accessible gorge for Canyoning (snapling-Rappelling) an amazing activity that everyone should experience at some point, the experience of descending and crossing the gorge of ‘Gria Vathra’.
The descent of the gorge allows everyone to experience Canyoning, the beauty of the gorge and the nature that surrounds it. It all starts with continuous slides on white granite rocks unique to Greece and the wider vicinity and due to the large development (almost 2,700 meters) of the gorge it affords a day full of beautiful images. Through the activity of Canyoning you experience the real wonder of Samothrace that you will carry with you for a life time.

Starting from 80€

Fonias Canyon (most popular)

This is the most famous gorge of the island, which like all parts of Samothrace, is shrouded in legends, traditions and folk tales, about murders, drownings, monsters that come out at midnight scaring campers and other chilling stories, hence its name.
In fact, the view of the gorge is anything but scary. For activity lovers it is one of the most beautiful hiking trails, and of course the gorge of ‘Fonias’ is ideal for Canyoning (for all levels of participants), water games, slides and endless jumps in its cool and beautiful basins. The part of the Gorge that we will descend has 8 beautiful waterfalls with the largest at the end, 25 meters high
Our route starts from the parking lot on the main road with gentle and beautiful trekking by the river bed, and along a forest of plane trees and koukoudia trees. In its first, 1700 m long section up to the first basin, the route is very easy with a very small elevation.

Starting from 70€

Canyon Paradise

Added to the other two canyons, canyon Paradise or ‘Tsivdogianni’ rounds up the trilogy of gorges located in the area of ​​Therma. This gorge, along with ‘Gria Vathra’ gorge cross and embrace the Spa of Therma, keeping it cool with its waters and its primitive plane trees. ‘Tsivdogianni’ is the least known gorge of the area for Canyoning but it does not fall short in beauty, on the contrary, it is a mountain gorge unique in its kind with narrow and dark passages that we find mainly in high altitude gorges and not usually on islands. It allows us to rappel 12 beautiful and technical descents with one of them at 45 meters, sloping, very lush during the summer months, with a thick layer of moss and lichen and stunning sea views. At the exit of the gorge we will meet many young people enjoying the beauty and coolness of ‘Paradise’ as they name the area, in their own free way.

To enter the gorge we meet at the famous cafe in the center of Therma and start hiking uphill on the main road, following the marking E6 of the main trail path towards the peak of Feggari (1611m). After about 1 hour of hiking we leave the main path and the forest and we face the waterfalls and the gorge. After 10 minutes we are in the cool and shady embrace of ‘Paradise’.

Starting from 80€

Karagiannaki Canyon

This is a completely different experience in relation to the gorges located in the Northern part of the island. ‘Karagiannaki’ gorge is part of a complex of gorges in the Southern part of Samothrace with completely different characteristics that make everybody stand in awe. Landscape bare of vegetation, large cross sections in the mountain with characteristic granite rock formations, white, sanded and eroded. While you might think everything is dry and arid, nature continues its own eternal cycle of life.

The ‘Karagiannaki’ gorge is ideal for groups. Its characteristic are the many and beautiful water basins perfect for practicing jumps in its cool and refreshing waters. After the descent of 8 waterfalls (with technical means/ropes) the gorge joins that of ‘Vatos’. Taking the well marked uphill path of return we have covered a beautiful circular trail, full of beautiful images.

At the end of our activity and after settling in the cars, we highly recommend a visit to the tiny Church of “Panagia Kremniotissa” with amazing views of the endless sandy beach ‘Pachia Ammos’ and the island of Lemnos, as well as enjoying a delicious meal in the local tavern made from island goat meat and washed down with very good tsipouro. όμορφες εικόνες.

Starting from 150 €

Additional Information

ICOPro Gear List Provided/Services included:

• Helmet according to mountaineering standards
• Full Neoprene Wetsuit 5 mm
• Neopren foot protectors
• Canyon harness with 1 Locking Carabiner & 1 Canyoning descender, 2 dynamic Cow’s tails
• Canyoning Backpack
• Dry Keg
• ICOpro Canyoneer initiation Training course
• ICOpro Card and affiliation member
• CE PPE standard equipment only

Personal Gear List:

  • Swimwear
  • Hiking Pants/Hiking shorts, quick-dry, lightweight
  • T-Shirt
  • Water bottle 1L and snack
  • Personal towel
  • 2 pair hiking shoes (extra, dry)

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Contact: Stamatis Kousvelaris

Mobile: +30 6972 666 428


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