Gria Vathra

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Gria Vathra, the oldest gorge of the island and of course the «trademark» of Therma and the island of Samothrace. The gorge of ‘Gria’ has it all, legends, hiking, slides, magnificent views and many waterfalls up to 45 meters high. All this points to the fact that it is considered the most complete and accessible gorge for Canyoning (snapling-Rappelling) an amazing activity that everyone should experience at some point, the experience of descending and crossing the gorge of ‘Gria Vathra’.
The descent of the gorge allows everyone to experience Canyoning, the beauty of the gorge and the nature that surrounds it. It all starts with continuous slides on white granite rocks unique to Greece and the wider vicinity and due to the large development (almost 2,700 meters) of the gorge it affords a day full of beautiful images. Through the activity of Canyoning you experience the real wonder of Samothrace that you will carry with you for a life time.

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Additional Information

ICOPro Gear List Provided/Services included:

• Helmet according to mountaineering standards
• Full Neoprene Wetsuit 5 mm
• Neopren foot protectors
• Canyon harness with 1 Locking Carabiner & 1 Canyoning descender, 2 dynamic Cow’s tails
• Canyoning Backpack
• Dry Keg
• ICOpro Canyoneer initiation Training course
• ICOpro Card and affiliation member
• CE PPE standard equipment only

Personal Gear List:

  • Swimwear
  • Hiking Pants/Hiking shorts, quick-dry, lightweight
  • T-Shirt
  • Water bottle 1L and snack
  • Personal towel
  • 2 pair hiking shoes (extra, dry)

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